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"The Mission of the Earth Defense Federation is to PROTECT global human rights standards via
International Peace Operations

and SERVE and ASSIST civil societies and the rule of law as well as to defend Earth and its inhabitants from ALL threats"

 Our Mission is to unite the world for the better of mankind, Our world is facing great danger, more so then ever before. We are being attack on all fronts with poison,war,lies,pollution,disease and things of unknown origin. No one can deny the world is falling apart at a rapid rate. Our survival of a race rests now in this generation, no one else will fix our problems, and unless we grow up as a race and evolve and find our true enemies and bring them to light and justice we will fall as a civilization much like our ancestors did. We all can not agree on any one thing but we all need to agree to come together and fight this! The world does not have to be this way, there is tremendous power in knowledge and we seek to give those that want knowledge that power. With this knowledge you will be able to shape the world into a far more beautiful place. We know our enemy and it is not hard to see them now. They are coming out in numbers and there is dissention in their ranks. As we grow we will become a formidable fighting force to save mankind.

Many men died for a dream  like this, one being William Cooper... We now fight in your place, forever we are in your debt...

Our prime goal is to build a massive website with funding from EDF members, once built Phase 2 will begin where we will buy land and build a base unlike anything anyone has ever seen.  A base as beautiful in nature as it is in spirituallity. Where men,women, and children from all over the world can come and learn and better themselfs. We will start sending out Knights of EDF to defend those in need. As we grow and get global support we will become the first and truest line of defense for Earth, our only home. When ever something bad happens, we will be there in force. When ever someone is in need we will be there, we will guide this world and our race to the next level of evolution - Homo Luminous. Our main base will be much like a college/sanctuary where people will truly be safe and able to work together with others to build a better world.

Along the way many will try to stop us, they will attempt to divide us, label us, or our members as they see fit. We will not let their attacks go un hindred. Any attack on us, is a attack on the whole human race and all countries. We are a Federation of people from all over the world we except all colors, races, creeds, genders, religions. Let no person be excluded.

If you feel something calling you, its us. If you feel something isnt right, its our world...Its off balance right now. If you feel alone, you are not...

If you feel hopeless do not dispare we are here now and we will NEVER leave! The age of lying and suffering will soon be over.

We are going to bring back Eden...

Join us, once your part of the EDF... You are part of a family forever...

~ EDF General and founder -  Matthew Ringrose,

What's New?
9.9.08-  And thus our "website" is born. Welcome all, this website will be heavily under construction as I get more info from Matt on what exactly he wants to do with it. Please visit the forums and the chat page.
9.11.08- A dark anniversary of the United States. Nevertheless, we forge forward with improvements to the site and the growth of our organization.
9.12.08- Matt has gotten the papers to Incorporate!
9.14.08 - We have chosen our official Mission Statement (at the top of the page)!
10.2.08- We have updated our organizational chart
10.10.08- Moving to our new earthdefensefederation.org site- It was fun while it lasted!